Special Offer: Our platform is free to garden centers.
    We are offering our base platform to attendees of the Garden Center Show. We are so confident in the product, we are willing to give it away, knowing that garden centers will find it an indispensable tool in their customer service arsenal. Offer Restrictions: The base product will remain free to partners for a period of 12 months.

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    The Garden Center Show for independent garden center (IGC) owners and professionals brings together the brightest minds and hottest products in one place for a conference and exhibition. All attendees receive access to the exhibit hall, keynote sessions and the networking reception.

    Choose your garden in 3 easy steps  
    gardenUP as an online landscape design platform tailored for the garden center customer to use in-store for an instantly purchasable garden plan. Our unique approach reverses the process; it starts with a photograph of a mature planting and based on that, creating a design solution specific to the customer's requirements, based on 5 simple questions! Step 1 -- gardenUP is designed to simplify gardens starting with a few simple questions about your garden. Step 2 -- Based on your answers, we filter all our professional designs so you can browse the ones that fit your environment and your needs. Step 3 -- Once you find a design you like, you can connect with a local gardenUP partner to get your plant list and get your garden!

    Welcome to gardens – simplified.

    gardenUP is an online platform built specifically to help garden centers streamline their garden design process.  

    • No more x’s and o’s on the back of a napkin.
    • No more losing quick and easy sales due to a designer backlog.
    • No more customers wondering where their designs are. 
    • More professional lead qualification process.
    • More time to focus on upsells.
    • More satisfied customers who will come back again and again.

    Garden center employees or their customers answer 5 simple questions. From a library of over 300 tried and true garden designs, our algorithm will filter down to approximately 20-30 designs that suit your project. As each design already exists in the real world, you will get to see pictures of each live garden design, along with an in-color 2D design for each garden. Our algorithm scales each design to suit your dimensions and provides an accurate plant list for the garden center. From this, you can pick from your own stock and substitute where required, or email this list to us and get it delivered along with your next order. gardenUP is not meant to replace your designer. gardenUP will help you make those quick and easy sales and provide you with a faster and more professional design process.  Drive efficiency UP. Make your sales go UP. Send your customer satisfaction UP.

    We are a new and unique product positioned to change the way garden centers manage and offer garden design. We want to spread the word and develop partnerships with garden centers all over North America. Our team has extensive knowledge in the green industry – we know plants. More than that, we know all the right people and work closely with the best and biggest local growers, designers, garden centers and landscapers to ensure that our platform is optimized for you, the user.

    Address:   PO Box 307, Weston, Massachusetts, 02493
    Email:  info@gardenUP.com
    Phone:  401-578-1441   FAX: 



    Your designer needs help.

    Take those designs they'll never get to and turn them into quick and easy sales allowing them to focus on the designs that need them.

    Your customers need tools...

    Spend less time figuring out the plants they need and more time teaching them about plant care and the type of products they will need for their garden to flourish.

    Your team need tools...

     Gone are the days of X's and O's on napkins and spending hours lining up plants beside each other. Your customers deserve better.


    Get to the point much quicker with uncertain customers.

    Learn what the customer is actually looking for in seconds with simple prompts leading to an array of suitable garden designs and an almost instant estimated cost.


    Sell fewer single plants and more full gardens with add-ons.

    Help your customer find the garden of their dreams in just a few clicks and provide them with everything they need to make that happen before they leave the store. 


    gardenUP is on all the time and is easy to use for anyone. 

    Whether on a tablet in store or on your website, gardenUP can assist your customers at all times of the day/year and give you breathing room when you are short staffed.


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