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    Stone Age Creations offers products that are hand-caved from 100% natural stone as created by mother nature. From benches to birdbaths, fountains to fire pits, animals to accents, Stone Age Creations offer unique, fine quality products that feature unmistakable character. Our products have endured outdoor environments for thousands of years and will continue to do so for generation after generation.

    Created by Nature ..... Crafted by Artisans
    Stone Age Creations offers products that are hand-caved from 100% natural stone as created by mother nature. From benches to birdbaths, fountains to fire pits, animals to accents, Stone Age Creations offer unique, fine quality products that feature unmistakable character. Our products have endured outdoor environments for thousands of years and will continue to do so for generation after generation. Stone Age Creations is truly a ROCK SOLID investment.

    Our mission from day one still remains true today: to be your go-to supplier; the people you turn to for unique garden products. We offer exclusive brands such as DeWit Garden Tools, Haxnicks Garden Solutions, Little Pals Kids Gardening, Wagner Plant Caddies, Peacock Plant Supports, SK Pottery, TDI Carts and Liners and Stone Age Creations that set us apart as your first choice for gardening supplies. Our goal is to spread the joy of gardening across the entire nation while providing products of the highest quality, world-class service, and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of our environments. We want to help grow not only our customers, but also the gardens our products end up in.

    Address:     40 South Main St. New London, OH 44851
    Phone:    419-929-2240    FAX:     419-929-2245



    The Stone Age Difference

    We realize that you have many options today for buying outdoor statuary products. We strive to do many things to differentiate our products in the marketplace - offering a better quality product at a competitive price. 

    Here are a few important things that separate us from our competition:

    • Product Quality/Value
      All our products are hand-carved from real stone as created by Mother Nature. These stones have endured harsh outdoor environments for thousands of years and will continue to do so long after you purchase them.

      Our competitors -- who offer products made from plastic, concrete, plaster, clay or resin -- simply don't compare. In fact, many companies that sell inferior concrete products misrepresent their products as 'finely crafted stone.' Our competitors' lesser quality products will often spall, crumble, blow over easily, or are very fragile and break easily.
      • We Deliver to Most Customers With Our Own Trucks.
        Because we deliver our products to most of our customers on our own trucks we can offer our customers a far better service. Our products arrive undamaged, on time, and the person driving the truck is helpful and knowledgeable about our company and products. This also allows us to offer very liberal warranties, returns, or exchange policies. Our competitors who use common carriers to deliver will have more problems with products that are damaged & missing, deliveries that are not on time, and they couldn't easily allow their customers to return products.
      • Made in USA
        While many of the products we offer today are made overseas, we are the largest manufacturer of natural stone garden statuary that manufacturers items here in America. We are proud of the fact that we started in business by making items here and after 10 years we make more here than we ever have. 
      • Unique Designs
        We take great pride in our product designs and the fact that we actually designed many of our products. Our designs are so popular that many of our competitors try to compete by illegally copying our products or photographs. This is unfortunate, but we've been told that imitation is the best compliment. We believe we can't improve on the work of Mother Nature. . . we can only take the materials from nature and try to make them functional by doing as little as possible to change them.
      • We Support Independent Retailers.
        As a family-owned business located in a small town, our focus is to support the independent retailers and small business owners that distribute our products and support us. We don't offer any of our products through 'big box' stores. We also don't compete with our distributors by marketing and selling directly to retail customers within their market.
      • Size Matters
        Many of our competitor's products that might look similar to ours in a picture are very different in real life. A perfect example of this is our benches. Our benches are 18-20" high because this is a normal, comfortable seating height in America. We also design our benches to be wide enough to seat two people comfortably. Our competitor's benches that are only 14-17" high are uncomfortably short for the average American and they are often too narrow to seat two people comfortably. Our competitors do this because their products are made to Chinese standard sizes and because a smaller bench costs much less to produce and ship. We won't compromise the functionality of our products as a cost cutting measure.
      • The Golden Rule
        Above all, we always want to treat our customers fairly and with respect. Whenever we have a question on how to handle a situation we always try to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. We appreciate the support and loyalty of our existing customers and hope to have the opportunity to earn your business if you are not already a customer. 

      Surface Finishes

      The surface of a stone can be prepared or worked to a number of different finishes.  Below are examples and descriptions of some of the most common surface finishes used on Stone Age Creations products:

      • POLISHED - A polished stone finish is the most labor intensive and generally the most expensive. The process of polishing a stone usually includes 7 steps of polishing a stone with progressively finer grit polishing pads. Even before the polishing process begins a stone is often worked with saws, chisels, and grinders. As you can imagine, to go over the same surface of a stone sometimes more than 10 times to achieve a polished finish takes a lot of time and patience.  Granite, basalt, and jade take a polish well and will have a finish that is reflective and smooth as glass. Stones like sandstone and limestone will become very smooth, but usually not 'polished.'
      • FLAME FINISH - A flame finish is applied using a torch at temperatures of nearly 3,500 degrees. By super-heating the surface of the stone it will quickly expand and pieces will flake off. This leaves a surface finish that is textured to resemble the natural weathering process. A flame finish can only be applied to certain stones. Most types of granite or basalt are fairly easily to flame finish while most sandstone and limestone can't be flame finished.
      • NATURAL - A natural finish means just what is says. . . The surface is as Mother Nature created it over thousands of years. The stones we use with a natural finish are collected or gathered as opposed to quarried because the quarried stones we use are typically sawn or blasted from a larger rock formation. We offer a selection of different sandstones, granites, and basalt with a natural finish.
      • CHISELED - A chiseled finish is created, as the name implies, by breaking a stone with a hammer and chisel. Depending on the type of chisel used and skill level of the person using it, this can provide a very rough surface or a slightly irregular finish. A chiseled finish can be applied to any stone.  
      • BUSH-HAMMER - A Bush-Hammer is a specialized stone-working hammer with a head that resembles a meat tenderizing hammer. Because the head of the hammer is usually small (about 1-2 inches square) it takes a long time to apply this finish to a large surface area. The pointy ends of the hammer leave the surface of the stone fairly smooth with small indentations. A bush hammered finish can be applied to nearly all stones.
      • GROUND - A ground finish is achieved by going over the surface of a stone with a diamond impregnated grinding wheel. A ground finish is the last step in smoothing a stone surface before beginning the polishing steps. A ground finish can be applied to nearly all stones.

      Stone Age Creations is the story of two cousins with a passion for natural stone. This passion led Heath White & Kevin White to launch a company that now serves garden centers across the United States with quality, hand-carved products. Here is their story:

      In the Fall of 2001, we founded Stone Age Creations in our hometown of New London, Ohio. At the time, both of us worked full-time in a local machine shop. In our spare time, Kevin designed and carved a few stone birdbaths that were well received and sold locally. Meanwhile, Heath had made and sold a few natural stone benches that were also sold locally. We both had a passion for natural stone and a dream to someday work for ourselves.

      We both agreed that our small town of 2,000 people could never support our dreams of making and selling hand-carved, natural stone products as a full-time occupation. As a result, we researched the possibility of distributing our products to garden centers that are in better locations and markets to sell our products. While we were still working full-time we decided to take a bench and a birdbath to a trade show focused on wholesale customers in the garden industry. We had no idea what to expect and were worried that our products would not be well received. 

      On the contrary, our products had a great reception. We were told by several garden centers that ours were the best new products they had seen at the show in many years. Much to our surprise we walked away from this show with a handful of orders and no idea how we would fill them on time. After all, we had no raw materials to make products from and no delivery vehicles to fulfill the orders. We quickly resigned from our full-time jobs and somehow found a way to fill every order, meeting every delivery date promised at the trade show.

      What started with one bench and one birdbath has grown into a complete line of hand-carved, natural stone products for the garden industry. In addition to the products we continue to manufacture here in New London, we have partnered with quarries and manufacturers of fine stone products from around the world.

      Over the years we have added a 30,000+ square foot warehouse & distribution facility in downtown New London along with nearly 50 acres just outside of town, which is used for production and storage. Many of our customers are concentrated in a 15-state region surrounding Ohio, but we have loyal customers in all of the lower 48 states.

      Today Kevin’s primary responsibility is the production of the items we manufacture here on a 50-acre site in New London, OH. He goes to quarries to hand-select the finest stones available and uses a hammer and chisel to handcraft these stones into a work of art for your garden. Kevin takes great pride in searching out stones with great character and offering our customers a top-quality product. We are looking for rocks with unique character, due to a unique shape, interesting colors, or nice texture. 

      Heath’s primary responsibility today is handling business operations. After more than 10 years, Heath jokingly concluded that he is working first and foremost for his government, and that serving his customers, his family and his company seemed to be secondary. Heath’s other duties include sales & marketing, bookkeeping and outsourcing.

      Together, we are committed to designing, creating & distributing top-quality products that will add a unique & stunning feature to gardens across the United States.  We look forward to serving you with excellence.


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