Life-sized animal garden statues from Ijit Export Agency  
Our Life-sized animal garden outdoor statues are made from both recycled metal and recycled flip flops collected from the beaches. We turn flip-flops into art and functional products and in turn raise visual awareness of the problem at hand. By creating these masterpieces, we are not only creating employment for a country, but also sending a message about how we can help our planet, our oceans and people, through creating beautiful art that portray an important message about the state of our oceans. (Can be viewed at and


We are artists for wild animal conservation
We are conservation artists and believe education is everything. Much of our life has been spent immersed in the beauty of nature and wildlife observation. In the wild, animals are elusive, and often seen only briefly hence our motivation to make these wild animal sculptures for people to appreciate their personalities and beauty in their homes, gardens and public places.



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