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JumpStarts® - Developed by growers, for growers
JumpStarts® potted liners allow you to extend your growing window beyond springtime. This not only spreads out labor costs, but it enables you to align production timing to quickly and easily meet customer demands. Control growth early on to avoid the woody structure of Bareroot varieties such as Syringa and Euonymus.

Bareroot -- Success from the roots up.
At Bailey Nurseries, our Finished Products are the largest consumer of Bareroot liners. As a fellow grower, you can trust that you’re getting the same quality liners for your own production. Many of those liners get their start in our own tissue culture lab, seed beds, and from rooted cuttings propagated in our own greenhouses and fields in Minnesota and Oregon. Controlling the quality from the start gives you the opportunity to get the best plant money can buy.


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